ore:  11:45 | Maltempo, codice giallo per temporali e rischio idrogeologico per tutta la regione

ore:  10:55 | allerta codice giallo per rischio idrogeologico idraulico reticolo minore e temporali forti dalle ore 22.00 di Giovedì 15 Ottobre alle ore 10.00 di Venerdì 16 Ottobre 2020

ore:  12:40 | allerta codice giallo per rischio idrogeologico idraulico reticolo minore dalle ore 18.00 di Mercoledì 14 Ottobre alle ore 13.00 di Giovedì 15 Ottobre 2020

ore:  14:14 | Esteso a domani allerta meteo di codice ‘giallo’. Attesi anche forti venti nell’area fiorentina

ore:  13:40 | allerta colore giallo per rischio idrogeologicoidraulico- temporali forti -mareggiate e vento a partire dalle ore 20.00 Martedì, 06 Ottobre alle ore 12.00 Mercoledì, 07 Ottobre 2020

mercoledì, 4 dicembre, 2013


Mediavideo Antenna3

WordPress 3.8 RC1

We’re entering the quiet but busy part of a release, whittling down issues to bring you all of the new features you’re excited about with the stability you expect from WordPress. There are just a few days from the “code freeze” for our 3.8 release, which includes a number of exciting enhancements, so the focus is on identifying any major issues and resolving them as soon as possible.

If you’ve ever wondered about how to contribute to WordPress, here’s a time you can: download this release candidate and use it in as many ways as you can imagine. Try to break it, and if you do, let us know how you did it so we can make sure it never happens again. If you work for a web host, this is the release you should test as much as possible and start getting your automatic upgrade systems and 1-click installers ready.

Download WordPress 3.8 RC1 (zip) or use the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (you’ll want “bleeding edge nightlies”).

If you think you’ve found a bug, you can post to the Alpha/Beta area in the support forums. Or, if you’re comfortable writing a reproducible bug report, file one on the WordPress Trac. There, you can also find a list of known bugs and everything we’ve fixed so far.

We’re so close to the
finish line, jump in and help
good karma is yours.

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